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User Procedures

How to assemble VARITITAN HIFI Rack?

How do I maintain my VARITITAN HIFI Rack?

How to level a turntable on the rack?

How to couple speakers onto speaker stand?


Step 1. Remove the Diafanis/Mavro slabs from the carton box and protect the slabs by placing the carton box underneath.

Step 2. Slots the 4 Strut Joint screws into the holes at each corners.

Step 3. Screw in the strut from the bottom onto the strut joint

Step 4. After installing the 4 struts, install the spike plates by placing them right underneath the spike.  Make sure the spike sits perfectly on the dimble.

 Step 5. Attach the Varititan adhesive label on the top tier slab.  7cm from the left edge


For Diafanis series, you could use damn cloth to remove the dust on the surface of the acrylic slab.  Then use dry lint-free cloth to remove the stain.  You could also use a special polishing liquid called Novus 1, 2, 3 Kit Plastic Polish and Scratch Remover

For Mavro series, you could mix 1 portion of white vinegar with 3 portion of plain water.  Mix it well in a bottle of sprayer and apply on the surface of the wooden slab.  Wipe it clean with dry cloth.  DO NOT use washing liquid or excessive water on the surface of the Mavro slabs.

For the Aluminium alloy struts, you could use alcohol to remove the excess dust, finger print and moisture.  DO NOT use any abrasive metal polishing liquid on the struts and spike plates.



Step 1. Place the Turntable/CD Player on the top tier of the HIFI Rack.  For Turntable, it is recommended to use a “Record Clamp” with flat top to place over the swindle pin of the turntable.  Then place the button level gauge right at top center of the Record clamp.  For CD Player, place the button level gauge on the CD tray. 

Step 2. Adjust the Levelling Nut at the 4 corners to achieve levelling.

P.S. For turntable with adjustable feets, the right sequence is to level the top tier of the HIFI rack prior to placing the turntable on top.  After levelling the HIFI rack, then place the turntable on top of the top tier and use the adjustable feets of the turntable to achiebe its levelling.

 Speaker Coupling

2 types of coupling method are offered:

a) Faber Castell Tack-It - applies by sticking 3-points on the speaker stand plinth. (Preferable for lighter speaker)

faber castell

b) Adhesive Cork - applies by sticking 3-points on the bottom of the speaker. (Preferable for heavier speaker)

3-Points Coupling