We are currently out on a long fishing trip and only be back sometimes in March 2021.  Do expect long delay in delivery if the order is placed online.   


Rack Dimension

Customizable and Stackable 

Varititan HIFI Rack are sold separately in single-Tier manner.  It is stackable in 3 different height (12cm, 20cm, 30cm) as per customer's requirements.  Both the acrylic and wood slabs from MAVRO and DIAFANIS have different slab dimension and thus, the tiers between these 2 series are not inter-mixable.  Here are the dimensions.

To top up the purchase after finalizing the number of tiers, please do add in the round Spike Plate (with vibration absorbing base)






Mavro measurement


Akroasis Rack Dimension


diafanis 87