Merry Christmas and Blessed New Year 2020

  • Odeon SS-LS35A for LS3/5A
  • Odeon SS-LS35A for LS3/5A

Odeon SS-LS35A for LS3/5A


Weight : 50.00kg


  • Anti-Resonant Premium Speaker Stands customized for  BBC LS3/5A (1 Pair)
  • Top Plinth Size - 160mm x 190mm
  • Height 25 inches
  • 4 Rigid Pillars Constructions
  • Prefilled with trade formula - mixture of both Mass Loading and Shock Absorbent substances
  • 1-Piece structure with both ends seal welded without any filling holes and assembly screws
  • Die-Cast Threaded Screw-on Spikes
  • 2 De-coupling Adhesive pad types for Speaker/Stand interface points: Cork / Faber-Castell Tack-IT
  • Also applicable to PMC DB+, Dynaudio Audience 42, Proac Tablette, Spendor S3/5 speakers