We are currently out on a long fishing trip and only be back sometimes in March 2021.  Do expect long delay in delivery if the order is placed online.   


  • Mavro-SC (Tier Height 30cm)
  • Mavro-SC (Tier Height 30cm)

Mavro-SC (Tier Height 30cm)


Weight : 13.50kg


  • Single 1-Tier Height 30cm
  • 5 Layers Sound-Dampening paint (anti-vibration)
  • MDF Wood Slabs 30mm
  • Aerospace Grade Aluminium Alloy Struts (Diameter 40mm)
  • Dimension 645 x 561 mm
  • Each Tier Max Load 80Kg Max
  • Each Slab weigh 8Kg
  • Customizable and Stackable with many tiers of various height
  • 4 Points Levelling for Turntable
  • SP1 Round Spike Plates are not included in the offer.  Do order separately.