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Comparison Guidelines



Diafanis series

Mavro series

Akroasis rack

Akroasis series 

Slab Material


Raw Virgin Acrylic From Japan

(30mm Thickness)


High Density MDF Wood with 5 Layers Sound-Dampening Paint (Anti-vibration treatment)

(30mm Thickness)

Zebrano Veneer over MDF Wood 

(30mm Thickness)

Weight Per Slab 11Kg 8Kg  5Kg
Slab Dimension

 630 x 470mm

645 x 561mm

500 x 420mm 

Struts Material

Aerospace Grade Aluminium Alloy (Diameter 40mm)

Struts Height 3 Different Height (11.8cm, 20.5cm, 30.0cm minimum)
Each Tier Max Load  120Kg  80Kg 50Kg 

No of Levelling Points


 No of Tiers

Unlimited tiers stacking up to 1.50m 

 Spike Plates

Round Spike Plates with unrestricted dimble and vibration damping rubber base

Slab Maintainenance


(NOVUS Polishing liquid)


(Cleaning water 3x water mix with 1x white vinegar)


(any market available wood cleaner/polish spray) 

Sound Inclination Neutral Warmth  Warmth